Castlegar Airport Shuttle

Daily trips between the Castlegar airport and beautiful Nelson, BC. The trip is a scenic 35 minute drive along the Kootenay river.
*On-line Reservation is Required for all bookings.
If you making the same day reservation,please call for seat availability
If no passengers are booked the shuttle does not go out to the Airport. If flights are cancelled then the shuttle does not run.

NELSON PICK UP AND DROP OFF LOCATION: BUS stop at 601 Vernon st. Nelson (Vernon / Josephine st )
Shuttles to Castlegar Airport ( Bus Stop at 601 Vernon St. Nelson)
Shuttle TimeDowntown Pickup LocationFlight # with Downtown Pick upFlight # with Door to Door SERVICEFrequency
7:00 AM Shuttle to Castlegar 601 Vernon Street
Nelson, BC
#AC 8247 Downtown # AC 8247 W. Door to Door 7x week
10:00 AM Shuttle to Castlegar 601 Vernon Street
Nelson, BC
# AC 8474 Downtown#AC 8474 W.Door to Door 7x week
12:50 PM Shuttle to Castlegar 601 Vernon Street
Nelson, BC
#AC 8249 Downtown#AC 8249 W. Door to Door 7x week
3:20 PM Shuttle to Castlegar 601 Vernon Street
Nelson, BC
#AC 8251 Downtown NO DOOR TO DOOR *click left option*7x week
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Shuttles to Nelson ( from Castlegar Airport Terminal )

Shuttle Time Drop off LocationFlight #(s)Door to Door Available Frequency
8.35 am Shuttle to Nelson Nelson Downtown #AC 8246Yes7 x Week
11:25 am Shuttle to Nelson Nelson Downtown # AC 8473Yes7x week
2:45 pm Shuttle to Nelson Nelson Downtown #AC 8248NO7 xWeek
4:50 pm Shuttle to Nelson Nelson Downtown #AC 8250Yes7x week
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Castlegar Shuttle Rates

Adults- One way $25 + GST
Seniors One way 65+ CDN only ( born before 1952 )$20 + GST
Students - One way ( with ID CDN only)$20 + GST
Children -One way (under 12 year old - must be in car seat )$10 + GST
Door-to-Door ( In Nelson )$ 8 + GST
Door-to-Door ( past B.O.B up to 1 Mile )$10+ GST
*Shuttles do not run if flights are cancelled.
*When inbound flights are delayed we make every effort possible to accommodate our passengers and we wait for the arrival. However, on some shuttles to Nelson, we can only wait for a limited time or not at all as our shuttle must return to Nelson to pick up our passengers on the shuttle to Castlegar.
If our shuttle has to leave due to the delayed flight, you will be placed on our next scheduled shuttle that day , however there will be no refund .

If you booked to be dropped off in Nelson and your incoming flight is delayed, it will be our drivers decision if we can fit it in. If not, your door to door fee will be refunded.

*We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause due to Air Canada flight delays or cancellations.

Passengers are allowed one piece of luggage plus a carry-on. Each passenger is allowed one standard article (under 20.5 kg or 45 lbs). A fee of $10.00 will be charged for extra luggage, and single ski bag.
$25.00 will be charged for a large Ski box ( 6 ‘x 18″x6″) , bike and golf clubs . Small pets in a carrier will be charged $10.00, large kennels cannot be accepted. Vehicles have limited storage capacity. Passengers must inquire to see if there is room available for oversize/excess luggage. Over sized luggage (or special luggage such as musical instruments) will be allowed at the discretion of the Queen City Shuttle driver.
• Your advance reservation and payment is required. Door to Door should be booked by 5:00 pm the day before. Please note that our service runs by reservation only.
• All reservations are submitted on line via our website forms.
• If you do not have access to a computer or you are having difficulty, please call for help desk between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm Mon. to Sat. we would be happy to assist you.
• You will receive a confirmation by email. Please do not delete from your email until your trip is completed .
• All refund requests must be made by email. Please REPLY to your original confirmation notice with your request for faster service as we need specific information in order to track your original charge.
• All refund requests must be made within two weeks of your travel date. Refunds may take up to 5 business days to process.
• If you choose not to take our shuttle when you land, you are not eligible for a refund. This is considered as NO SHOW.
• If your incoming flight gets cancelled you may either re-book your reservation for a later time or date or request a refund (see above). All requests to re-book must be by REPLY email to your original confirmation.
• If your outgoing flight gets cancelled and you have either already travelled to Castlegar or are on the shuttle in transit, the fare is non-refundable.
• If you choose to cancel your reservation please REPLY email to your original confirmation notice no later than 5:00 pm the day before your scheduled shuttle trip. Only email cancellations are accepted. Any cancellations after that time are not eligible for a refund.
*All children up to 80 lbs need to be in a booster or restraining seat!
Please make sure to inform our dispatch that you are traveling with your own child seat or if you need Queen City to provide one for you.
*Seat reservation is required, however we welcome “WALK ON “passengers if seats available. Please call our dispatch line at 250 352 9829 about seat availability