Castlegar Airport Shuttle – Winter

Our winter shuttle schedule has been timed with a priority of not only getting you to your outbound flight on time, but also with safety as a top priority during our winter driving months. This means there will be some wait times for incoming flights, but we are now able to offer door to door pick up and drop off service for each shuttle for up to 4 destinations within city limits and along our route.

Advance reservation required - Reservations are not taken by phone or email

Daily trips between the Castlegar Regional Airport (YCG) and 601 Vernon Street, Nelson, BC. Enjoy your trip the Eco-Friendly way!

All reservations must be made by the cut off times noted for each shuttle. See each shuttle for individual times.
Door to door drop off and pick up service is available in LIMITED AREAS ONLY, please see info below . Limited to schedule availability. Please note that because you may not be the only home pick up, we need you to be outside waiting and ready to go by the times noted.


It is your responsibility to read and familiarize yourself with all policies, procedures and information located at the bottom of this page under "Important: please read"
Shuttles to Castlegar Airport

Departure from 601 Vernon St, Nelson to Castlegar airport terminal
Shuttle TimeApproximate Airport Arrival Door to Door AvailableFrequency 
9:15 am shuttle to Castlegar 9:50 am Yes7x week BOOK NOW
12:10 pm shuttle to Castlegar 12:45 pm Yes7x weekBOOK NOW
14:20 (2:20) pm Shuttle to Castlegar 14:55 (2:55) pmYesMonday to FridayBOOK NOW

Shuttles to Nelson

Departure from Castlegar airport terminal to 601 Vernon St, Nelson, BC

Shuttle Time Approximate Nelson arrival timeDoor to Door Available Frequency 
10:50 am shuttle to Nelson 11:25 amYes7 x Week BOOK NOW
13:00 (1:00) pm shuttle to Nelson 13:35 (1:35) pmYesMonday to FridayBOOK NOW
13:35 (1:35) pm shuttle to Nelson 14:35 (2:10) pmYesSaturday & SundayBOOK NOW
15.45 (3:45) pm shuttle to Nelson 16:20 (4:20) pmYesMonday to FridayBOOK NOW

Castlegar Shuttle Rates

Seniors ($5 discount with valid ID +65)- see refund policy$25 - $5 discount
Students ($5 discount with valid Canadian student ID) - see refund policy$25 - $5 discount
Children under 12 - see Child Seating and Restraint Systems below$10
Door-to-Door service in Nelson city limits only - see below$8
Door-to-Door (past City limits up to 1 Mile & Johnstone Road) & along route - see below$10
Changes to reservation - Please see below $10
If you have made a reservation and your flight is delayed, we never abandon you at the airport, we will always either stay as long as we can, or come back to get you on the next shuttle.
If your inbound flight is delayed we wait as long as possible until we depart for our next scheduled pick up. If the shuttle must depart without you due to a delay being too long, please be patient, we will be back for you and will auto transfer your reservation to the next shuttle time. If you choose to take alternative transportation, a refund is not applicable.
In some cases where a door to door pick up is scheduled, and there is an outbound flight delay, we may contact the passenger to confirm a new pick up time that is mutually beneficial.
Please note; Our driver may need to call you, please provide a contact cell number when booking.

If your inbound flight is cancelled you may re-book or request a refund. Note that we do not automatically issue a refund, it must be requested within 48 hours. Refunds are only given for cancelled flights in and out of Castlegar.
Both re-booking and refund requests are only accepted in writing. To re-book following a cancelled flight, please reply email to your “Completed Order” confirmation email with your new desired shuttle date, time and direction.
To request a refund for a cancelled flight, reply email to your “Completed Order” confirmation email within 48 hours of the cancellation.If you are/were in transit or traveled to the airport on the shuttle and your flight cancels, you are NOT eligible for a refund. A return trip will require a separate fare as a walk on passenger back to Nelson. Refunds will be processed within 7 business days to the original form of payment.

Passengers are allowed one piece of standard sized luggage plus a carry-on.

Standard sized luggage is defined as either ski/snowboard bag or a bag 27 inches x21 inches x14 inches Weight limit is 22 kg (50 lbs)

Carry-on is defined as 22 inches x 9 inches x 14 inches. Weight limit is 10 kg (22 lbs). ie; laptop, small backpack, briefcase or handbag etc. All carry-on bags must have the ability to be securely closed with a zipper or other means. No open bags allowed.

All luggage and luggage sizes MUST be declared in advance and paid for according to the list below.

Our drivers reserve the right to refuse to take any undeclared bags that may create an overload issue that affects the safety and comfort off all passengers. Drivers reserve the right to refuse to take any loose items such as skis, ski poles, golf clubs, bike parts etc. Drivers reserve the right to refuse to lift any luggage over 22 kg (50 lbs)


Please note that this is a requirement needed in order for us to assign an appropriately sized vehicle

• $25.00 for Skis/snowboard in a bag – no loose skis allowed

• $10.00 for Skis/snowboard boots in a bag

• $25.00 for a bike in a box – no unpackaged bikes allowed

• $10.00 for each piece of extra standard sized luggage.

• $10.00 extra fee for oversized luggage

• $25.00 for golf clubs – must be securely packaged

• Oversize or special luggage such as musical instruments will be allowed at the discretion of the driver but must be paid for in advance and declared as such.

Refunds must be requested in writing only by reply email to “Your order is complete” confirmation email. No other written form of request is accepted.
Refund requests for cancelled flights must be received in the office within 48 hours of your travel date.
Refund requests for any other reason must be received in the office by 3:00pm the day before travel.
SENIOR & STUDENT DISCOUNTS – you must show your valid ID to the shuttle driver upon boarding. The driver will NOT refund your discount. All discount refund requests will be submitted to the office by the driver at the end of each day.
Refunds may take up to 5 business days to process
Office hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm daily
If you choose not to use your booked service on the day of travel, for example, because you are being picked up by a relative instead, you are NOT eligible for a refund and are considered a no-show.
Refunds are only given for cancelled flights in and out of Castlegar.
If you have missed booking your shuttle before the cut off times noted, please call the office and we will try to accommodate you if we can. All last minute booking requests are subject to shuttle availability and an administration fee of $10.00 plus GST will be charged. No receipts or confirmations will be issued. Please see our contact page for the phone number and office hours.

If there are no reservations, the shuttle will not run. If there is a reservation, the shuttle will pick up walk on passengers as space permits. Thus, if you have not reserved a seat the shuttle space is not guaranteed.

Changes can be made by written request only. Reply email to your completed order. Requests must be received 24 hours in advance of your travel date and may incur an administration fee of $10.00 plus GST.

Please note; new or updated confirmations may not be able to be issued. We try our best, as time permits, to send you a reply email to your request as a confirmation.

In case of emergency please note that our office hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm daily. If you send a request outside of office hours we may not receive it in time. If you are leaving a phone message please leave your name, booking number, booked shuttle time, and call back number.

We offer service within city limits, Johnstone Road and up to 1 mile only, along our route between Nelson and the airport at designated stops.

We DO NOT go up Svoboda Road.

Perrier Road and south is considered as outside city limits but we may make an acception, time permitting. See designated stops below.

Door to door service may be limited to 3 per shuttle run. Booking early is recommended

Door to Door drop off/pick up policy for along the route;
Safety is our priority.
Our shuttle WILL NOT make a left hand turn across traffic unless there is a specific turning lane, such as at the junction.
Our shuttle WILL NOT pull over on to a road shoulder to drop off a passenger
All designated pull off spots along the route between Nelson and Castlegar are chosen to enable our driver to pull safely, well off the road and have ample room to walk around the bus and unload passengers and luggage without posing a risk to themselves, our passengers or passing traffic.
All designated pull off areas are subject to seasonal conditions such as construction and snow depth and may not always be available. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure the area is available. If the area chosen becomes unavailable, the driver will drop the passenger at the next designated pull off area or 601 Vernon Street.
Drivers do not give refunds for this service. If you have not booked an east bound drop off service, you may request it from your driver when you board the shuttle. Last minute drop off service is at the discretion of the driver and must be paid, in advance, to the driver.
If you have booked an address that we do not serve, please note our office hours as we make every effort to review all bookings and notify passengers of errors, but cannot guarantee this.
There are no exceptions to the areas. The shuttle does not leave the highway to go up the valley, Bonnington, Beasley or Blewett areas or any other road.
Please note; West and East bound pull off areas may not be the same. Please ensure you are choosing the correct direction.
Designated pull off areas are;
WEST BOUND (to Castlegar)
Park & ride at Granite Road east entrance, just past Government Road
Park & ride at Granite Road west entrance, east end of Taghum bridge
Taghum Shell or Taghum Frontage Road
Beasley Fire Department
Slocan Junction, by Snowwater on the right
Shoreacres, just before bridge (not during construction)
Shoreacres Esso station
EAST BOUND (to Nelson)
Shoreacres Road
Slocan Junction, by Snowwater on the right
Bonnington hill, east side just before Corra Linn Road east entrance
Taghum Shell or Taghum Frontage Road
Park & ride at Granite Road west entrance, east end of Taghum bridge

You should check your flight status at with your flight number:

Many children are not tall enough to wear a seat belt safely. For this reason, all drivers must ensure young passengers are properly restrained — protective seating types change as a child gets older, taller and heavier.
There are four stages of child seating and restraint systems in total:
1. Infants: required to sit in rear-facing car seats, away from an active frontal air bag, until they are at least 12 months old and over 9kg (20 lbs) – Queen City cannot supply these seats.
2. Toddlers: required to sit in forward-facing car seats when the child is at least a year old and over 9 kg (20 lbs). They should continue to be buckled into this type of seat until they are 18 kg (40 lbs) – Queen City has 2 seats available on request. Must be requested in advance at the time of bookings.
3. Under 9: required to be in booster seats with seat belts when the child is under nine years of age or until they have reached the height of 145 cm (4’9”) tall, whichever comes first. – Queen City has 2 seats available on request. Must be requested in advance at the time of bookings.
4. Youth: A properly adjusted seat belt is the last stage for anyone over 9 years age
ICBC publication: Child Car Seats
BCAA: Child Car Seat Safety