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We are registered under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration US DOT (US Department Of Transportation) US DOT # 2165285 US MC (US Motor Carrier ) US MC # 752320 National drug testing program.
Questions smart consumers ask when shopping for motor coach charter services:
The law restricts driving time to 13 hours in a day, after which the driver must take 8 consecutive hours off-duty before driving again. In the US, these hours are 10 and 8 respectively. It is unlawful for any person to request or require a driver to break these rules.
The law requires buses to undergo a periodic mechanical inspection. The safety sticker must be placed on the front right corner of the coach and indicate the day and month of inspection. For Travel to the USA
The US DOT number can be verified through the US DOT web site at: In addition, insurance required by US DOT for US travel (US $5 million) can be verified on this web site. The US DOT number must be displayed on the side of the coach.
The US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require all bus drivers who enter the USA to be enrolled in a drug and alcohol-testing program.
If the trip is beyond the provincial/ territorial borders, the company may require an Extra-Provincial Operating Licence issued by the province/ territory.
Provincial/territorial laws require a public vehicle operator to carry $2 million in public liability insurance for buses.

Make the smart move, embrace the eco friendly way to your destination!

Make the smart move, embrace the eco friendly way to your destination!

25% deposit is required to reserve a charter vehicle.
Full payment minimum 10 days prior to the booking.
All Charter Services cancellations must be in writing 20 days prior to the date in order to receive a refund.
A 10% fee applies to all cancellations.
All last minute cancellations due to cancelled flights or weather related travel conditions will be not accepted.

We strongly recommend to carry your travel insurance for any cancelled flights.

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